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Hey Howdy :My First Post

Posted by obsidius on June 2, 2009

Well Hello there Fellow Second Life Furries. And welcome to my SL Blog. Or SLog as I’m calling it. Here I will attempt to show how a minority in the Furry community in SL see’s things,has fun and places to hang out.

I hope to show you some places to hangout,shop or just visit in Second Life that are Furry Friendly but more importantly straight Furry friendly. Now I know what you are thinking ‘aren’t they all?” Well yes most are but sometimes you get this undercurrent of ‘oh he’s “straight furry” poor guy would love to show him the benefits of being gay or bi’. At least I get this feeling sometimes. Not many have actually come out and said it. But I know it’s there.

First Place I would like to mention is Callahan’s or “The Place” as we callahanians all it. It’s a great place located in the Conch Republic. On the Far side next to the region border. The Sim itself is pretty low lag. Sort of a Floridian beach theme. Nice and laid back.
The Bar itself is a White structure that’s cozy and functional. And the people that hang out there are great. They pretty much welcome anyone and everyone. As long as you are respectful and try not to lag people out that is.
The bar is based off of the Bar in the books “Callahan’s Crosstime saloon” series by Spider Robinson. Great series.

“In the fictional universe of Spider Robinson, Callahan’s Place is a bar with strongly community-minded and empathic clientele. It appears in the Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon stories (compiled in the first novel of the same name, along with its sequels Time Travellers Strictly Cash and Callahan’s Secret; most of the beloved barflies appear in the further sequels The Callahan Touch, Callahan’s Legacy, Callahan’s Key, and Callahan’s Con) and the computer game.” Taken from – Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon Wikipedia Entry

I should also mention that puns are a favorite thing at Callahan’s. As well as joking around and of course trivia nights.Punday can be any night ending in day. But usually set to Tuesday. Not sure right off hand when trivia night is. I’ll try to find out and update it.
You Can Get to Callahans “The Place” using this link Goto Callahans in SL
They also have a website: that has more info and a schedule of events.

So come on down and check’em out.

Well thats it for my first post. Check back again and I may have posted again.
Obsidius Calhoun


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